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If you need automatic driving lessons in North and North West London, look no further than The Driving Gurus.

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Adopting a Holistic approach to learning and driving

Holistic learning and development isn't just about certificates and exams it's encourages students to engage with every aspect of their personalities for psychological, social, and emotional growth, which includes using creative skills to overcome learning challenges.

Holistic learning and development helps learners continue to improve their communication, critical thinking, self-awareness, and decision-making skills. It teaches you to realise that everything connects to everything else

We at The Driving Gurus use this approach over all others in our teaching and learning programme to get the best outcomes for our pupils and for them to feel that they have contributed to the process of learning a lifelong skill.

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Offering You the best learning opportunities

Friendly Atmosphere

A friendly atmosphere is always key to the success of your driving lesson, here at The Driving Gurus we ensure you feel comfortable and safe.

All Abilities Welcome

We believe in offering fair, high-quality driving lessons to all abilities. If you have a special request please get in touch with Roy to discuss further.

With over 20 years of Driving Experience

With over 20 years in driving The Driving Gurus provide an enriched learning environment suitable for all types of drivers.

Lessons and Specialities

Automatic Lessons

Learning to drive opens up all sorts of options and opportunities! We are friendly driving instructors who can help you feel comfortable behind the wheel!

Motorway Lessons

If you don't feel confident driving on motorways, our motorway driving lessons may be perfect for you! Motorway lessons can help you boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Refresher Lessons

If you passed your test a while ago and haven't been behind the wheel since, our refresher lessons are perfect to help you update your knowledge!

International Drivers

If you have recently relocated to London and you wish to drive a vehicle under your international licence we can help. We understand that it can be a daunting experience to drive in a new city, particularly London with new rules and laws that you may not be familiar with, plus driving on the opposite side of the road. Why not book a session for some guidance and practical experience.

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